Established in 1989, the group was initially opened as a trading company dealing in perishables to the Pacific Islands.

Today B&G has become one of Australia’s principal meat trading companies.

B&G exports more than $100 million of meat a year and have established supply arrangements with leading meat processors around the world.

We have become the trusted suppliers to importers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurants and caterers of meat and various perishable and non perishable foods.

A extensive supply networks means B&G can source a full range of products including high valued chilled lamb and beef, Halal meat for all markets, offals and fancymeats as well as gourmet and staple foods.

We carefully interpret and manage importer and end user requirements and specifications and can source product for discerning customers and all price brackets and tastes. We offer specialty brands, niche meat items, commodity beef, mutton and lamb items and gourmet vacuum packed, grain fed and pasture fed beef and lamb for all market segments.

Australia’s strict halal regulations and certification system means we can guarantee product for all specialty markets. We have access to beef, lamb and other meats from Australia’s prime free range and pastures fresh or fresh frozen to your door. All our associated export plants have AUS-MEAT accreditation.

We are part of the Australian world famous export focused industry with some of the best plants in the world operating at world’s best practice. No order is too small and we carefully manage buyer requirements, visit customers regularly and supply product to schedule with prompt and accurate documentation.

Our principals and staff are experts in their own fields and we pay strict attention to bet management practices. We maintain a small company structure ensuring that we can quickly adapt to the ever changing conditions of different markets and supply situations. The company is reliable and responds rapidly to changing demand and market characteristics with hands on and practical approach to servicing our customers.

B&G has documentation, logistics and financing systems in place to comply with market and government requirements as well as detailed customer specifications for product, shipment and delivery. We stand behind our products and service and have secured loyal support from an increasing number of discerning clients.

LEVEL 2, 123 CLARENCE STREET. GPO BOX 2729 SYDNEY, NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA TEL: 61 2 92625988 EMAIL: admin@bandg.com.au